BOOZE DOODLES: Printer and Painter Danielle Spradley's Horsefeathers Doodle

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Pour an artist a cocktail to “stir the creative juices,” then hand over a Sharpie and a napkin. What doodle will result? We find out in this just-for-fun Friday series.

Editor's Note: With fall just around the corner, this will be our last installment of this special summer series. We'd like to thank all of the talented artists that participated and you, our dear readers, for making this segment such a hit!

The Cocktail: Horsefeathers, Basil Hayden whiskey, muddled lemon, bitters and ginger ale, at Flamingo Bowl

The Artist: Danielle Spradley, printer, painter, and paper-maker. Spradley, whose father is a rocket scientist from Nebraska, and whose Dutch mother passed away when she was 14, went to high school in Switzerland (with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un) before moving to St. Peters her junior year. “Nobody talked to me for over a month, but then one day I wore my Wu Tang Clan hoodie to school, and the skater guys were like, ‘Hey!’ ”

Spradley, who is represented by Bruno David Gallery, crafts amazing prints recently based on Lakota Sioux White Buffalo myths. “When one of my graffiti artist friends, Brandon, whom I got kicked out of prom with, was shot on north Grand, I started thinking a lot about the Wild West violence and waste in our city. I reread Black Elk speaks, and a lot of my current imagery comes from that book.”

What made you choose Horsefeathers?

It was William S. Burroughs’ favorite drink. I heard he started drinking it when he lived in Lawrence, Kan. I found out about it from some guy in The Shins, who played at the Hi-Tone Café in Memphis, where I was working when I went to art school. He’d first had one when playing in Lawrence. And then when I moved back to St. Louis and was working at Cicero’s, another guy in a band called The Ponies, who had just played in Lawrence, ordered one. It’s like this secret universal signal drink that you like Burroughs and/or are a musician who has played in Lawrence, Kan.

What sort of restaurants do you like here in St. Louis?

I love LemonGrass down on Grand; it’s an underrated Vietnamese restaurant. Their tamarind soup is fabulous. Probably the best meal I’ve had in St. Louis was at Five Bistro, they had the most delectable ravioli I’ve ever eaten. I love Salt, too. When I want comfort food, I go to the Good Pie. They serve the same style of Neapolitan pizza in Europe, where I spent a lot of time when I was growing up. I’ll eat Imo’s only if I’m drunk. I also really like the Diablo burrito at La Vallesana on Cherokee.

What kind of food do you eat at home?

I have a great place to live, with tons of space; my landlord is Joan Hall, an art professor at Washington University who has had a loft here Downtown for the past 30 years. She needed a printer and a paper maker and someone who could crew for her during sailboat races on Carlyle Lake. That’s me. In another weird fit, her dog, a Bouvier des Flandres is related to mine; we checked the blood lines.

I have a great space, but I still work four jobs. They’re all flexible, and give me the time to make art, and the money to eat.

Cooking is one way I make the transition from working for money to working on my art. Fixing a great meal, then savoring it with a glass of wine, just clears my head and puts me in the right place to create. Sometimes I get the fall off from my landlord’s Fair Share veggies; what she can’t eat, she gives to me. I just made the best meal with some of that bounty: I roasted beets at 400°F for 20 minutes in a marinade of orange juice, red wine, garlic and shallots, then topped them off with the sautéed greens and some goat cheese. Delicious.

I was a vegan for a long time, but then I started waiting tables over at Rooster on weekends, and the bacon there drove me nuts. I just couldn’t resist it. Now I still mostly eat veggies, but with added fish and bacon.

Flamingo Bowl, 1117 Washington Ave., Downtown,

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