“I don’t know,” admits Florian Kuplent.

It’s at least the fourth time the co-founder and brewmaster of Urban Chestnut Brewing Company has uttered those words when asked about his newly opened beer garden. At first brush, one wonders, how does this man know so little about his own creation? But then you look around, and you see what he’s done—the complete transformation of a parking lot into a full blown beer-lover’s dream in less than two months; the attention to detail in purchasing the glassware, and even the furniture, from Germany; the fearlessness in opening a space that serves food, and also allows outside food to be brought in. It’s not that  Kuplent doesn’t know what he’s doing; it’s the fact that his passion drives him to do things so fast, it takes a second for everything else to catch up.

Kuplent and his business partner, David Wolfe, originally announced plans for the beer garden back in April. Since then, they’ve been working away to hit their target date of opening in June, and yesterday they announced that they were throwing open the doors for business—in three hours.

“We realized that we had everything we needed to do it in place around 3 o'clock,” explains Kuplent about the unplanned opening date, “so we figured, why not?”

For now, the beer garden’s hut—that serves a variety of sausages, chips and pretzels—will only be open Thursday through Saturday, but Kuplent expects to expand the hours as demand increases, including the possibility of hosting Sunday brunches.

“I have a few ideas,” says Kuplent. “I just don’t know which ones I’m going to go with.”

Check out pictures of the new beer garden at left!

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co., 3229 Washington Ave., Midtown, 314.222.0143, urbanchestnut.com

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