THE FEED: Chop Shop Food Truck Owner Getting Closer to Selling His Sauces

2012-08-03T11:03:00Z 2014-09-16T13:32:27Z THE FEED: Chop Shop Food Truck Owner Getting Closer to Selling His SaucesKristin Brashares | | | Feast Magazine | Inspired Local Food Culture/Midwest

Back in May, we reported that Eliott Harris, owner of the Chop Shop STL, planned to start bottling and selling his sauces. He told us today that he’s getting extremely close to making it a reality.

Harris plans to make “big batches” early next week, and he’s “90-percent certain” on the type of bottles he wants to go with; he just needs to place the order. He’s considering a bottle that customers can clean out and bring back for refilling to eliminate waste and encourage recycling.

“It will be like a growler program for sauces,” he says.

The initial offerings will include the Japanese ginger dressing, as well as several styles of ponzu sauce, such as Chop Shop’s traditional ginger garlic (found on the truck's spicy El Camino tuna roll) and roasted serrano varieties.

Harris says he hopes to have more to share sometime next week, and he'll be posting updates to Chop Shop’s Twitter (@ChopShopStl) and Facebook ( feeds.

Chop Shop STL, @ChopShopStl,

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