THE FEED: Urban Chestnut and Kaldi’s Collaborating on New Enlightenment Series

2012-07-13T12:30:00Z 2014-09-16T13:32:55Z THE FEED: Urban Chestnut and Kaldi’s Collaborating on New Enlightenment SeriesKristin Brashares, Feast Magazine | Inspired Local Food Culture/Midwest
July 13, 2012 12:30 pm  • 

Specialty coffee roaster Kaldi’s and craft brewer Urban Chestnut have joined forces to created coffee beers that go beyond the traditional dark and heavy-roasted styles.

Their new collaboration - the Enlightenment Series – is described as, “A coffee - bier collusion intended to inform and enlighten the collective of passionate coffee and beer drinkers to the possibilities of ‘bean-meets barley’.” (The St. Louis Post-Dispatch first reported the news at noon today, and a press release from Urban Chestnut followed.)

“Our initial intent is to create some unique beers that really accentuate the complex flavors of both the coffee bean and the intrinsic beer style,” says Florian Kuplent, brew master and co-founder of Urban Chestnut. “We hope to expand both the notion and the enjoyment of coffee beer.”

Josh Ferguson, co-owner of Kaldi’s, adds, “At some point, we’ll certainly play around with some heavier roasts and darker beers, but just like with craft beer, there’s a lot of taste complexity in a coffee bean that many people have yet to discover. The first beer in our series demonstrates this perfectly.”

The first beer in the series is a blend of a Brazilian coffee, Sertãozinho, and a traditional Bavarian Weissbier. The end product is a complexly flavored, lighter-bodied beer with subtle notes of fruit and coffee.

As described on the Sertãozinho Weiss bottle, “the very specific purpose of our first coffee-bier collaboration was to unequivocally break the convention of traditional heavy-roasted, dark coffee beers. To do this we’ve taken a berry-nosed and earthy Brazilian coffee (Sertãozinho) and merged it with a traditional, clove and banana-estered, Bavarian Wheat Beer (Weissbier). The result – a stimulating infusion marked by overtones of sweet and tart fruit balanced by a subtle-but-not-bitter roast of rich tannins.”

To celebrate the launch of the Enlightenment Series, Kaldi’s and Urban Chestnut will be hosting a launch party for Sertãozinho Weiss at Urban Chestnut from 11am to 1pm on Sun., Aug. 5, the final day of St. Louis Craft Beer Week.

“We feel launching a coffee beer series is a wonderful way to celebrate and wind down the week,” says David Wolfe, co-founder of Urban Chestnut. “We’re still working out the details, but we’re planning on having a cupping (of the Sertãozinho coffee), accompanied by a tasting of the beer, followed by a two-part special release.”

Look for two phases of the special release:

  • Part 1: Urban Chestnut and Kaldi’s will sell a limited number of bottles of Sertãozinho Weiss during the Sun., Aug. 5, launch party.
  • Part 2: Urban Chestnut will be sharing a keg of Sertãozinho Weiss at Baileys’ Range’s St. Louis Craft Beer Week Wrap-Up Party (“Schurcipefones”) later in the afternoon on Sun., Aug. 5.

Plans for future tastings and availability of the bottles are still being finalized.

“We’re working with another local specialty merchant, The Wine & Cheese Place, to have a brewer/roaster tasting event accompanied by another release of the bottles,” says Tyler Zimmer, co-owner Kaldi’s. “Additionally, we’re planning to sell a few bottles at a Kaldi’s location or two.”

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