THE FEED: Chef Liz Schuster Launching Tenacious Eats, An Interactive Food and Film Venture

2012-09-13T10:13:00Z 2014-09-16T13:31:49Z THE FEED: Chef Liz Schuster Launching Tenacious Eats, An Interactive Food and Film VentureWritten by Heidi Dean | | | Feast Magazine | Inspired Local Food Culture/Midwest

UPDATE: Tue., Sept. 18, at 11:56am: Chef Liz Schuster passed along the ticket information for the Tenacious Eats events. The price per person is $80 per person, which includes five cocktails and five courses.

Former Scottish Arms chef Liz Schuster is launching a new interactive dining venture, Tenacious Eats, which she says combines the “two art forms that I love:” food and film.

The venture's tagline describes the experience Tenacious Eats will be delivering as “full contact dining” and emphasizes that it is “not dinner theater.”

A food-themed film will be screened with four or five courses inspired by the movie prepared, plated and served by Schuster and her partner, Jake Alcorn.

All events will take place at Meyers Grove, a theater in The Grove neighborhood. “We’re cooking around you in a theater,” Schuster says, adding that the experience offers the smell, sound and taste of fine dining along with wine, cocktail and beer pairings.

Another key element of the experience is participatory fun. When early test audiences were asked whether the playful approach of Schuster and Alcorn during service was too much, “they said, ‘no, you’re hysterical, and you’re the show – we want more!’ ”

Although Schuster’s film degree gives her plenty of ideas, Swank Motion Pictures (which is handling licensing) has formed an informal committee searches to help.

“It’s hard to find a film with the right pacing,” Schuster says. In cases where there is no direct reference to a meal or course in the right spot, the team takes its inspiration from a scene or character. As an example, Schuster cites a Shakespearean aside about Sex, Sweat and the Egg in the film Short Order that led to a dessert of meringue, fresh lemon curd, maple syrup and bacon tuile. She adds that the dish inspired a diner in a three-piece suit to lick his plate – high praise, indeed.

Tenacious Eats will launch in mid-October, when Schuster is finished participating in the Taste of St. Louis competition. In the meantime, you can visit for a sample menu and reservations. A Facebook page is coming soon. Ticket prices and a link to purchase tickets will be coming soon as well.

And for those who can’t help but wonder, Schuster confirms that the reference to rock band Tenacious D is intentional: “It's kind of an homage.”

Tenacious Eats at Meyers Grove, 4510 Manchester, The Grove,,

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