Located just off Highway 44 near Kingshighway, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company is opening its new chocolate factory up to tours.

The factory is set to open to the public in August. Dan Abel, founder of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company, and his family have been in the chocolate business for more than 30 years. The move is in response to the company’s growth in popularity and demand for its artisanal chocolates. The new factory will increase production tenfold.

The tour will allow visitors to see into the process that goes into creating some of their favorite treats in the 30,000-square-foot chocolate factory.

“In keeping with Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company’s tradition of inspiring curiosity and passion for chocolate, my family will be offering tours to curious visitors, so that everyone can experience the art of chocolate,” says Dan Abel, owner of the confection company. “Our mission is to bring the joy of chocolate to all and deliver ‘a smile in every box.’”

Admission to the factory will be free, and tours include tastings. The factory will also offer an option to upgrade the tour with a visit to an expansive tasting room.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company currently has eight retail stores, making the addition of the new factory the ninth. The company's product is also available in all 23 Dierbergs, local tourist attractions and the St. Louis Airport.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company sells and ships its products and St. Louis’ oldest chocolatier, Mavrakos Chocolates’ products, to customers in all 50 states. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company also has wholesale representatives in 18 states, set to reach 48 states by the end of the year and works as a private label for well-respected gourmet chocolate companies across the United States.

For tour hours and more information, visit chocolatechocolate.com, or call 888.222.7710.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company’s factory, 5025 Pattison Ave., The Hill, 888.222.7710, chocolatechocolate.com

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