Last December, Anheuser-Busch introduced Draftmark, a refillable home draft system that fits neatly on refrigerator shelves, exclusively to the St. Louis market.

Users charge the tap system’s battery, insert a 1-gallon beer refill into the pouring spout, adjust as needed, then pour and enjoy.

With the initial launch, beer refills included Budweiser, Bass Pale Ale and Shock Top Belgian White refills. Starting on Mon., June 11, Shock Top Wheat I.P.A. and Michelob AmberBock refills will be available as well. A new cold gel pack accessory also will be available to keep beer cold outside of the fridge during group gatherings. And, a Draftmark tap stand is expected to hit shelves in July.

The Draftmark tap system costs about $49.99 (prices vary by retailer), with each 1-gallon refill (roughly 11 12-ounce servings) running about $13.99. Visit for a list of local retailers.

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