Dish of the Day: Cardwell's & BC's Tomato Salad

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Photography by Laura Ann Miller
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For the entire month of July, St. Louis-area restaurants are uniting to help Operation Food Search alleviate hunger in the St. Louis area through a special campaign: Tomato Explosion!

Chefs have whipped up special tomato-themed dishes for the campaign, and as a proud sponsor, we are featuring one every weekday with the chefs' inspirations.

Restaurants will donate a portion of proceeds from each dish. Get all the details and a list of participating restaurants here!

Today's Featured Dish: Tomato Salad

THE RESTAURANTS: Cardwell's at the Plaza and BC's Kitchen

Cardwell's at the Plaza, 94 Plaza Frontenac, 314.997.8885,

BC's Kitchen, 11 Meadows Circle Drive #400, Lake Saint Louis, 636.542.9090,

Chef Bill Cardwell on the beauty of tomatoes and joining the campaign:

Inspiration behind the dish: "My favorite summer ingredients on a plate, tomatoes, sweet corn, tiny beans, arugula and fresh mozzarella, all dressed with extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic and fresh mint and oregano. What isn't there to like?"

On working with tomatoes: "You wait all year for great tasting local fruit and have a very short window of availability. Side note: Never refrigerate tomatoes."

On supporting Operation Food Search: "As a chef and business person, I decide where my charity dollars go. I believe in the fact that I make my living feeding people and should help those who can't provide for themselves. I support my hunger-related groups."

The importance of the fund-raiser: "In the greatest country in the world, hunger is a huge issue. Millions of people go hungry every day, and many of them are children. Any help we can give to hungry people in our community is good."

Order this special tomato dish at Cardwell's or BC's in July to support Operation Food Search's efforts!


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