THE FEED: New Sustainable, Artisan Barbecue Joint, Capitalist Pig, in Works in Soulard

2012-06-14T15:12:00Z 2014-09-16T13:33:20Z THE FEED: New Sustainable, Artisan Barbecue Joint, Capitalist Pig, in Works in SoulardWritten by Kristin Brashares Feast Magazine | Inspired Local Food Culture/Midwest
June 14, 2012 3:12 pm  • 

UPDATE - 7:40pm on Thu., June 14: After some digging around, we discovered that Capitalist Pig will actually be located in the south end of the Mad Art Gallery, which, according to owner Ron Buechele, has two addresses. He tells us that the project is his "baby" and that he's been working on it for more than a year now.

As we checked out our new Twitter followers this afternoon, we discovered an interesting barbecue joint with an equally interesting name – Capitalist Pig - in the works at 1201 Lynch near Mad Art Gallery in Soulard.

The bio on its Twitter page, @CapitalistPig_, reads: “First sustainable BBQ restaurant in Saint Louis. Let's start the revolution!” As of this afternoon, Capitalist Pig hadn’t tweeted any additional information about the new business, but we did find a Facebook page, with the first post on May 27 announcing that it’s opening in late summer and the About section revealing much more:

“Capitalist Pig takes its inspiration from the idea of fine, handcrafted barbecue. It's a step above the rest. Our artisan barbeque is made with care, using old-fashioned smoking and curing methods that take more time and produce a better product. It is the juxtaposition of fine food and the time-honored tradition of making great meat. This is barbecue at its best.

“At Capitalist Pig, we are passionate about barbeque. We are also passionate about our community. We want to show our customers and our city that it is possible to operate a business that is sustainable and environmentally sound. We support local farmers and procure our products from sustainable sources. Small, family-owned farms produce our pork, beef and chicken locally and without hormones or antibiotics. The farmers take great care in raising the animals and protect the environment. Animals are not caged or stacked, and factory-farming practices are not used. Additionally, we practice recycling and composting. You will not find Styrofoam carryout containers at Capitalist Pig. Our containers are compostable. From farm to table, we have created an environmentally conscious, artisan barbecue experience that ends with you enjoying delicious food you can feel good about.”

Capitalist Pig also has an in-the-works website at

More details as we receive them.

Capitalist Pig, 1201 Lynch, Soulard,,,

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