A Cash Mob - a group of people involved in a new movement aimed at supporting local businesses and rebuilding communities - will be patronizing Local Harvest Grocery on Fri., May 25, from 5 to 7pm.

Similar to a Flash Mob sans the singing and dancing, “Cash Mobbers” join together, and each participant spends $20 at a local business. This Fri., May 25, has been designated International Cash Mob Day II, and hundreds of Cash Mobs will be occurring worldwide.

The St. Louis group is welcoming everyone to partake in an “after-mob” drink across the street from the grocery store at Local Harvest Cafe. Organizers of the local Cash Mob say they chose to support to Local Harvest Grocery because the business owners are “pioneers in the local food scene.”

“Because Local Harvest buys directly from local farmers and artisans, more than 85 cents of every dollar spent there stays in our community,” says Krista Durlas of the St. Louis Cash Mob. “Since opening in 2007, this small grocer has purchased nearly $1 million worth of locally raised, grown and produced items and has donated more than $25,000 to local charities."

Local Harvest Grocery Store, 3108 Morgan Ford Road, 314.865.5260, localharvestgrocery.com

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