THE FEED: Chop Shop’s Eliott Harris to Sell His Sauces

2012-05-08T21:02:00Z 2014-09-16T13:34:01Z THE FEED: Chop Shop’s Eliott Harris to Sell His SaucesWritten by Brandon Chuang Feast Magazine | Inspired Local Food Culture/Midwest
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Ever since his days at Miso, chef Eliott Harris has been known for his sauces.

“I had customers asking if I could give them containers to take home with them,” he says.

His legion of condiment-loving fans will be happy to hear that he’s finally taking their requests to heart.

Although he’s still working on a packaging solution, Harris, the owner of Japanese food truck Chop Shop STL, plans to have his sauces available for sale before the end of the summer.

The initial lineup will include his Japanese ginger dressing, as well as several styles of ponzu sauce, such as Chop Shop’s traditional ginger garlic and roasted serrano varieties.

“I’ve been so busy, but this is something my customers have wanted for a long time,” says Harris on the timing. “I just want to make sure it’s done right.”

Once the bottling aspect is taken care of, Harris says the process is fairly straightforward, seeing that the sauces are mostly vinegar- and soy-based. Aside from being the most-requested sauces, Harris’ reasoning behind the introductory lineup is based on the season.

“The Japanese ginger dressing, while great on salads, is also awesome as a marinade,” Harris says. “It’s great on grilled fish. And the ponzu is just a nice, sort of lighter soy substitute with the fresh citrus and vinegar.”

The sauces and dressing will all be for sale directly from the food truck, with hopes of potentially making an appearance in finer food stores somewhere down the road. And if you thought he’d finally satiated his fans, Harris stirs up more frenzy when he tipped his hand at the possibility of selling his much beloved wasabi popcorn.

“One thing at a time, though,” he says.

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