Some sweet things are in the works these days at The Caramel House.

For starters, The Caramel House's hand-cut, artisan caramels were featured in The Balvenie 2012 Rare Craft Roadshow, which recognizes craftsmanship in America. The Balvenie folks even stopped by owner Janet Shulman's Ladue kitchen and watched as she whipped up a batch of Scotch caramels.

Now, Shulman's handmade candies are on the menu in the Fabulous Fox Theatre's Fox Club, where diners are enjoying the warm, gooey goodness of almond caramel over baked brie.

Next, is a new flavor, developed by Shulman exclusively for Laumeier Sculpture Park, to be introduced in the fall and sold exclusively in the park's newly renovated gift shop. Shulman isn't 'fessing up about what exotic variety will hit the shelves, but says it'll capture the essence of the park.

“We talked about introducing a flavor that reflected the park itself, which is an outdoor park,” Shulman says. “So, it'll be an 'outside' flavor.”

Both the taste and the packaging will be unique to Laumeier and, like all of The Caramel House's flavors, uniquely St. Louis in character.

“To have an opportunity to address an icon like Laumeier is a dream,” Shulman says. “Flavors that are natural are absolutely delicious, and St. Louis has a lot of them.”

If you're keen to pick up a box now, The Caramel House sells six flavors of the chewy treats at all St. Louis-area Wine and Cheese Place and Straub's locations, along with a number of other retailers. The caramels currently comes in six St. Louis-inspired flavors: almond, vanilla, bacon, beer and chip, beer and pretzel, and cookie and caramel. Sample all six varieties in The Caramel House's Taste of St. Louis Box.

The Caramel House,

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