Zettie's Confections, a local favorite of sweet-toothed St. Louisans, will be distributing their local homemade goodies this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival and later in the year at Lollapalooza.

Attendees at both events will get to sample Zettie's ever-popular almond butter crunch, a buttery almond toffee covered in chocolate and dusted with chopped almonds. The toffee was chosen because the recipe - hailed from owner Kerri White's grandmother Zettie's kitchen - is one of the confectionary's signature items.

"Everyone loves it and when you try it you can't help but keep on snacking," White says.

(We also fell in love with the toffee - so much so we featured it in the Food Stuff section of our November issue.)

This isn't the first year Zettie's has sweetened the scene at Sundance. Last year, the candy shop provided Snowballs (also known as Russian Tea Cakes), a powdered sugar-dusted shortbread, to go along with the festival's "powder" theme.

Sure, the exposure Zettie's receives from Sundance and Lollapalooza is good for business, but for White, the real draw is sharing her passion for baking.

"I love the baking my grandma used to do," White says. "She was passionate about it, and she just loved sharing it with people. I don't think she realized how much her love of baking meant to me, and so we're just excited to share that with other people."

Zettie's Confections, http://zetties.tumblr.com/" target= "_blank">zetties.tumblr.com


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