Growing up, my family’s large summer events were anchored by a handful of things: copious amounts of cold, cheap beer for the grownups, a hyper-competitive wiffle ball game for the kids and sausage and peppers served up on crisp hero rolls for well, everyone. Sure, the massive sandwiches were good - and required fistfuls of napkins - but it is the scent of sausages and peppers grilling, the way it perfumes the air as they cook that says summer has arrived. If you understand what I’m talking about it’s time you checked out the Sausage Syndicate food truck, purveyors of not only some choice encased meats but the smell of summer that I’ve been waxing nostalgic for.

The Sausage Syndicate calls their sausage and peppers the Wise Guy, in keeping within their tongue-in-cheek-mafioso-inspired theme. The sandwich starts with a crusty hero roll and an aggressively spiced sausage, split and grilled on a flat top. The preparation makes for speedy service - the sausage cooks faster, a must for food-truck dining - but it means you’ll miss the satisfying snap of crisp casing breaking as you bite through it, a sensation that I personally look forward to. Sitting on top of the link is a nest of grilled onions and sweet peppers, vegetables still crisp after cooking and paired with a peach and thyme mustard for a hit of sweetness to match the spice of the sausage. The end result is a sweet, savory, quick and totally delicious. Summer dressed up as a sandwich - now that’s what I call lunch.

Sausage Syndicate,,,

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