When it comes to eating from the Seoul Taco food truck, here is a nickel's worth of free advice: when you see it rolling up your street, drop what you are doing make for lunch.

In the event that it’s not destined for a parking spot on your street, kick your shoes off and chase after it, money held high and waving in the air like a child running after the ice cream man. The midday hustle will be rewarded with a spot near the front of the throngs of folks who line up daily for a wickedly good combination of traditional Korean flavors wrapped up in the regalia of Mexican street tacos.

Caramelized bulgogi - thin strips of marinated beef - may be the most well-known Korean meat preparation on the menu and worthy of your lunch break, but both the chicken (tender and moist dark meat) and spicy pork (look close, there is bacon in there) taco fillings are not to be missed either, so plan on ordering all three. Each taco is topped with a mix of tender lettuce greens, spinach, scallion and Seoul Sauce, which offers a hit of sweetness that should be countered with a liberal addition of sriracha - standing in for a traditional condiment called ssamjang - for a fiery kick to finish things off.

A final thought to keep in mind once your tacos in hand and you’re looking for a spot to dine: Seoul Taco is arguably one of the best smelling food trucks patrolling the streets of St. Louis. And as such, it might be best to put some distance between the scent of grilling meats and vegetables, unless, that is, seconds were already part of your plans.

Seoul Taco, twitter.com/seoultaco, facebook.com/SeoulTaco

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