Spring has sprung in St. Louis, which means I'm thinking about spending lunch in the sun, as far away from fluorescent office lighting as I can get, even if it's only long enough to escape to the Feed Me Food Truck for their take on the sandwich everyone should be eating right now: the bánh mì.

The Feed Me truck is one of the newest to arrive on the streets of St. Louis, offering up a New York version of the Vietnamese sandwich that is noticeably different than other bánh mì in town. For starters, the sandwiches are larger, with a softer, more airy roll than the crisp French baguette bánh mì is traditionally served on. Lunch goers familiar with bánh mì will also note that each sandwich is overflowing - almost Dagwood-style - with ingredients, shifting the focus of the sandwich from the bread to its payload. The change is different than the bánh mì you may be accustomed to, where the baguette has equal footing with the meat and vegetables contained within.

First-time visitors to the Feed Me truck can't go wrong with the bánh mì dac biet, loaded with enough oink to melt the heart of any Midwesterner - slices of pork belly, Vietnamese ham and a foundation of sweet ground pork. Cucumber and cilantro play well against pickled carrots and radish, an addition that is a real treat.

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Make for the pork ball bánh mì, overflowing with meatballs and tomato sauce, a pairing that can stand up against the best Italian meatball hero in town when combined with cucumber and pickled carrot.

The Feed Me truck set out to introduce St. Louisans to a different take on bánh mì than they’re used to, delivering sandwiches that are large and loud with flavors familiar and new. Personally, I miss the bite of hot jalapeno that I expect when eating bánh mì, and at $7, each sandwich is arguably more expensive than fans of the style may be used to. However, you can bet when I see the Feed Me truck parked outside my office window, I'll be making for that pork ball bánh mì and a seat in the sun in short order.

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