There is no getting around it: ‘Tis the season for dedicating lunch hours to holiday shopping. Although your list may be long and time short, all the Kris Kringling should not come at the expense of a decent lunch.

Cardwell's at the Plaza in Frontenac fits the bill for the weary - and hungry - holiday warrior. While Cardwell's is quickly entering its second decade, it has not missed a step, especially when it comes to Bill's Burger Meister burger.

In our burger-addicted culture, the Burger Meister continues to be one of the best and most often overlooked in St. Louis. Applewood smoked bacon, blue and Cheddar cheeses make for the foundation of this burger's old-school, big-beef flavor. But, it's the spiced tomato relish - with a delicate mix of sweet and sour - that steals the show and just might make you rethink the addition of ketchup to all your future burgers.

The Burger Meister anchors a lunch menu at Cardwell's that changes with seasons, incorporating ingredients and flavors that are at the peak of "what's eating now." As such, diners can always expect to find dishes up to the task of fortifying against the coming winter, the shopping to be done or a well-deserved lunch break.

Cardwell's at the Plaza, 94 Plaza Frontenac, 314.997.8885,


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