For a weekday meal, hitting up one of St. Louis' food trucks is quickly becoming a no-brainer. At last count, there were at least 30 trucks to choose from in St. Louis, offering a myriad of mobile cuisines to match almost any lunchtime craving.

For office dwellers within the city limits, this means on most days of the week there is a chance to fuel up on creative eats and street food and get back to your desk - or better yet a cozy park bench - in short order.

One truck that should be on your radar as winter turns to spring is Chop Shop, a sushi-centric lunch option known for serving up burrito-sized rolls - derivative of futo-maki - that are sliced on the bias like a sandwich wrap and are seemingly made for your favorite action figures' kung-fu grip. Plan on skipping the chopsticks.

A recent visit offered up a curbside selection of rolls that are quickly assembled and packaged to-go. The Pontoon Boat is built around large chunks of tender crawfish, avocado, cucumber, sprouts and a spicy mayonnaise that links the flavors of Japan to Cajun. The El Camino will appeal to lovers of traditional spicy tuna rolls, starting with tuna sashimi, cucumber, avocado, pickled yamagobo, sprouts and a ginger and garlic ponzu sauce.

Each roll is playfully served on a bed of truck-made popcorn - spiked with butter and wasabi - that will have you forgetting about the smell of your co-worker's burnt microwave popcorn, if only until you are back in the office to attack the second half of the work day.

Chop Shop STL,, @ChopShopStl

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