OUT TO LUNCH: Frida's Deli's Raw Take on Tacos Gets Two Thumbs Up

2012-08-06T07:00:00Z 2014-09-16T13:10:20Z OUT TO LUNCH: Frida's Deli's Raw Take on Tacos Gets Two Thumbs UpWritten by Andrew Mark Veety | web@feaststl.com | twitter.com/feastmag | facebook.com/feaststl Feast Magazine | Inspired Local Food Culture/Midwest

Throughout August, Andrew Mark Veety is drawing inspiration from our 2012 FEAST 50 lineup for his lunch picks. Today’s column expands upon the growing vegetarian/vegan/raw scene that our readers wrote in about with a look at one of its newcomers, Frida’s Deli.

Alright St. Louis, gather around and take a knee. I want you to put down all the great burgers, pizza and dagwood looking sandwiches that I’ve been telling you about for nearly a year now and for at least one lunch this week, try something that may be unfamiliar.

That something is the raw tacos from Frida’s Deli, a University City eatery that has quickly become a midday staple for vegetarians and vegans in our fair city, but should be on the radar for anyone looking for a meal that is not only tastes good, but is also good for you as well. And let's be honest; that’s good advice for all of us.

Now, on to the tacos. The menu lists them as gluten free, vegan and raw, a trifecta of culinary terms that can needlessly strike enough apprehension into a casual diner to have them heading for the nearest drive-thru window. That, however, would be a shame because Frida’s take on tacos - essentially canoe-shaped “tortillas” of romaine lettuce leaves - hits all the right notes, not to mention the spot.

Crisp lettuce and slices of creamy avocado provide the greenery for your plate, but it is the sunflower “meat” - raw sunflower seeds that have been chopped and seasoned with the smoky warmth of cumin and fiery kick of spicy chili - that would be every bit as welcome on your own family’s taco night as seasoned ground beef or chicken. Even better, the nut filling accomplishes this without feeling like a replacement for meat, a hallmark of honestly great vegetarian fare - and a great lunch - in my book, and after you try them, your book as well.

Frida’s, 622 North and South Road, University City, 314.727.6500, fridasdeli.com

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