OUT TO LUNCH: Sushi-Bar Splurge

2011-12-26T07:00:00Z 2014-09-16T13:10:42Z OUT TO LUNCH: Sushi-Bar SplurgeWritten by Andrew Mark Veety
Photography by Laura Ann Miller
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It never fails; the sight of a pair of paper-wrapped chopsticks at the back of a desk drawer puts us in the mood for sushi.

Although to-go orders of uramaki and nigiri seem to be available everywhere - from office cafeterias to supermarkets - there is no substitution for bellying up to a sushi bar for a weekday lunch splurge.

Kabuki Sushi & Fusion lives up to its name with an expansive menu of traditional and Americanized Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Service is knowledgeable and willing to educate without being overbearing, which is nice given the diversity of dishes to select from.

Make your way through the crosscurrents of Asian cuisine until you find the sushi menu. Diners will find a dizzying array of rolls to match their particular moods and tastes; there is something here for just about everyone, from the traditional tuna and salmon rolls to downright massive rolls incorporating up to nine ingredients between layers of rice and nori. For all the choice, Kabuki shines with more humble maki selections highlighting the simple play between fish and well-prepared sushi rice versus rolls loaded down with ingredients, toppings and (gasp) cream cheese.

Looking to treat yourself? Toro nigiri - fatty tuna cut from the belly over sushi rice - is worth paying up for, especially for sharing with a friend to start your meal. Looking for the most bang for your lunch buck? Check out the sashimi appetizer on the small plates menu, smaller cuts of salmon, striped bass and maguro and white tuna, all for $10.

15015 Manchester Road, 636.527.7999, kabukistl.com


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