A Locally Focused Affair: Chaumette's 35 Mile Dinner

2012-10-05T12:11:00Z 2012-11-02T13:38:24Z A Locally Focused Affair: Chaumette's 35 Mile DinnerWritten by Jennifer Johnson | Video by David Johnson, Andrew Ryan and Christian Kirk of Coolfire Media Feast Magazine | Inspired Local Food Culture/Midwest

In late summer, Chaumette Vineyards & Winery executive chef Adam Lambay, winemaker Mark Baehmann and local food producers joined together to host the 35 Mile Dinner, a concept based on sourcing all ingredients within 35 miles of the winery’s Ste. Genevieve County location.

The collaboration revealed that the Ste. Genevieve area’s “sense of place” isn’t simply about the soil in which the food is grown or the climate that embodies the land. Sense of place is about the people cultivating these foods, their passion for what they do and the cultivation of trust they have with one another and the land.

Get more insight from Lambay on the 35 Mile Dinner along with interviews with the farmers involved and footage from the evening in our exclusive video at left!

Local Inspiration

From April through October, 90 percent of the ingredients Lambay utilizes in his culinary program are sourced from local food producers, a decision based on superior food quality, sustainability efforts and economic efficiencies of operating a commercial kitchen. Lambay thought it would be interesting to narrow the scope for an evening and showcase the region’s local foods.

“People really respond to their dining experiences at Chaumette - tasting our local wine paired with locally sourced fare. So, a dinner emphasizing our specific region seems natural, introducing guests to the food and wine of our specific region and to the growers responsible for these efforts.”

Through a culinary experience, Lambay was eager to introduce guests to what makes the region unique. “Our area has mineral-rich soils that produce really wonderful tomatoes and a Vignoles (wine) with compelling mineral notes.”

He says that any kind of vegetable with a life cycle can grow in the Ste. Genevieve area, though the region’s typical short spring season limits the variety of spring vegetable options. “Our region is perfect for tomatoes, squash and corn, and we have virtually everything we need to have a dinner, with the exception of sugar, that can be simply substituted with honey,” he says.

Lambay further explains that the growers have enormous significance in this culinary regionality and how important the relationships are he has cultivated with them: “The farmers… their ancestors farmed, and many have farmed for five to six generations. They understand the land and climate through experience, their passion commits them to farming, and they have invested their lives here.”

Reaching Out to Farmers

Lambay invited every farmer with whom he regularly collaborates within a 35-mile radius to be involved, and the only farmers who didn’t participate lost their crop during the summer’s drought. Knowing that a year’s growing season can change quickly, he presented the 35 Mile Dinner idea to his farmer friends in early summer. “I started our conversations early, and our plans changed and evolved, and I really had no firm menu plan until the week prior to the dinner. The weather altered our plans, naturally. I was hoping for baby corn, but I knew that a drought could wipe it out, and it did.”

The dishes and locally sourced ingredients:


served with Chaumette Winery Spring Rose 2011

Grilled County Line Farm Cantaloupe

  • wrapped in Stonie’s prepared Meyer Farm Berkshire Bacon
  • glazed with Two Morrow’s Farm Garlic

County Line Farm Thick Sliced Tomato

  • with arugula, Baetje Farm Fresh Goat’s Cheese

Jones Heritage Farm Lamb Samosas

  • with potatoes from four farms: Ladd, Two Morrows, Fleig and County Line


Meyer Farm Berkshire Pork Roast

  • with Chardonel and peach glaze

served with Chaumette Winery Unoaked Chardonel 2010

Wine-Barrel-Smoked Ladd Farm Chicken

  • with a sautee of Flieg Farm “Vendalia” onion, sweet corn and Bleckler Farm okra

served with Chaumette Winery Chardonel Reserve 2011

Ekenfelds Farm Grass-fed Beef

  • with stewed Fleig Farm tomatoes and herbs from the Chaumette Garden

served with Chaumette Winery Chambourcin Reserve 2010

Hinkebein Farm Elk Roast

  • Ladd Farm fresh cream
  • Huber Farm purple potatoes
  • Pesto made from basil from the Chaumette Garden

served with Chaumette Winery Norton Reserve 2010

Dempsey Farm Pear

  • poached in Chaumette Port
  • with Baetje Farm goat cheese cheesecake

served with Chaumette Winery Vintage Port 2008

The lineup of food providers, all from Missouri:

  • County Line Farm, Ste. Genevieve
  • Meyer Farm, Zell
  • Stonie’s Sausage Shop, Perryville
  • Two Morrow’s Farm, Farmington
  • Baetje Farm, Bloomsdale
  • Jones Heritage Farm, Jackson
  • Ladd Family Farm, Farmington
  • Fleig Farm, Ste. Genevieve
  • Bleckler Farm, Ozora
  • Kinkebein Farm, Farmington
  • Huber Farm, Ste. Genevieve
  • Dempsey Farm, Farmington

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