The Avett Brothers

Sept. 24, 8pm, The Pageant, 6161 Delmar Blvd., The Loop,

They have an old-timey vibe. They're the kind of guys who dress in impeccably dapper attire, but sport backwoods, natty beards. They play twangbanger-approved instruments like the banjo and upright bass, but they can frickin' rock out. Who are these guys? They're the Avett Brothers. And yes, two of the trio actually are siblings.

But that's not important. What does matter is that the Avetts make earnest albums with equally earnest titles like "Emotionalism" and "I and Love and You," yet these guys aren't a bummer to see live. They're quite fun actually and often play raucous, high-energy sets. What's ultimately the most refreshing about this bluegrass-rock hybrid of a band is that they're not gimmicky. They're genuine, raw and unrefined. They play straight-forward, workingman music, albeit the kind where said man isn't afraid to bare his soul through honest lyrics.

He'll have a damn good time getting it all off of his chest. And you'll have a blast taking it all in.

If you like the Avett Brothers, check out "Bittersweet Melody" with Allen Wednesdays, 5-7am on" target="_blank">88.1 KDHX." target= "_blank">I Fratellini, 7624 Wydown, Clayton, 314.727.7901

On the surface, it might not seem like an upscale Italian restaurant would be an immediate pick of places to grab a bite before heading out to catch a grunge-grass band. But, digging deeper into I Fratellini and the Avett Brothers unearths a certain harmony.

Both emerged into their respective scenes in the early 2000s rooted in the bond of brotherhood. I Fratellini owner Zoe Robinson chose the name for its translation of "little brothers" and suitability for conveying the restaurant's theme while showing her fondness for her then-young two sons. The founders of the Avett Brothers, Scott and Seth Avett, are just as their name implies--siblings, close since their youths.

Both the restaurant and band are modest in scope: I Fratellini seats about 35, and the Avett Brothers are still touring the mid-size venue circuit. But, they have devoted fan bases and are popular enough to pack a house on any given night. As such, the proverbial early bird gets the worm applies in appreciating them: Making table reservations prove just as critical as breaking out the plastic as soon as the concert is announced.

If you're one of the lucky fans to score a ticket to this now sold-out show, I Fratellini's cozy, intimate environs make for a nice way to ease into the evening. Go lighter with your entrée (the front of the house suggests selecting from the menu's pasta/risotto section), so you can save room for our recommended dessert: the Vanilla Ice Cream with Espresso (French vanilla ice cream drowned with espresso and biscotti). The caffeine-and-sugar combo will deliver just the boost you'll need to keep pace with the high-energy performers.




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