This weekend, a sneak peak at what you'll soon be able to find in St. Louis-area showrooms is sure to get you and your crew all revved up. The St. Louis Auto Show will showcase more than 500 cars, trucks, SUVs and concept cars from 25 different automakers. Shiny new paint, state-of-the-art technology and that new car smell will have you picturing yourself behind the wheel of a new set of wheels.

Before you go kick the tires, make plans to meet at Triumph Grill. The casual, motorcycle-themed eatery in Midtown will set just the right tone.

Get your motor running with an order of the chipotle molasses chicken wings. The wings themselves are meaty, which is always a bonus. They are fried just long enough to crisp up the skin and then tossed in a sauce that imparts both sweetness and a hint of heat. Keep the flavor pistons firing with the Baja burger. Wedged between a grilled brioche bun is a grilled angus burger with south-of-the-border toppings, including roasted poblano peppers, pepper jack cheese, fresh jalapenos and cilantro-lime aioli. Complete the dish with French fries, and you'll be ready to roll.


Triumph Grill, 3419 Olive Street, 314.446.1801,


St. Louis Auto Show, 10am to 10pm on Sat., Jan. 21, at the Edward Jones Dome," target= "_blank">

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