I'm a sucker for fast-and-cheap DIY, so when I saw http://www.thenateshow.com/videos/detail/1873/entertaining-with-things-you-have/" target="_blank">this segment on The Nate Berkus Show last month, I instantly had a new project on my hands.

Berkus' home-entertaining expert used this ingenious stuff called Plasti Dip to give old, boring silverware a unique, modern update.

Available at Ace Hardware, Home Depot and other hardware and auto stores, Plasti Dip is a DIY synthetic rubber coating that comes in black, red, blue and yellow (although not every store has every color) and costs about $15 for a 22-ounce can.

You can dip metal, wood, plastic, glass, rope and an endless array of items in this super-cool transformative substance.

If the primary colors don't suit your fancy, Plasti Dip now offers a "Create Your Color" version that allows you to do just as the name implies. (This product is only available through http://www.acehardware.com" target="_blank">acehardware.com or if you ask the store to order it for you at no charge.)

I opted to dip two old serving spoons in red, and after a not-so-attractive turnout on the first one, I was extremely happy with second try; it looked just like the ones on the show!

I have a feeling there will be much Plasti Dipping in my future.

Some words of advice if you plan on updating any of your tired household items with Plasti Dip:

  1. I'm not sure if Plasti Dip is dishwasher-safe, so I'd only dip items that you plan to hand-wash.
  2. Do a couple test runs on something disposable (maybe a plastic fork?) before you dip anything important. There is a learning curve for this goopy, strong-smelling stuff, and you don't want to ruin anything you intend to keep.
  3. If you're a perfectionist, this might not be the stuff for you. I found it difficult to get the coating completely uniform, and my spoon ended up with a few air bubbles. This didn't particularly bother me, but if you want a perfect result, that might be difficult to achieve.