Week after week I offer advice on kitchen décor and design, but this week, I couldn't be more excited to tell you that I've finally decided to take some of my own advice and remodel my kitchen!

I spend a great deal of my time in the kitchen, and after living in the house for a year, it's time to make the most used room in our house our favorite room in the house. With a budget of less than $2,000 and a team of family members enlisted to tackle the install, I can't wait for the finished product.

Here's what's not working for me in our current kitchen:

Cabinetry: The room itself is larger, but the prep area and cabinetry is all squeezed into a 10-foot wall; a glorified galley kitchen. We can't afford the major construction costs of changing the layout our kitchen, so we won't be tearing down any walls or adding more cabinetry to the space. Our current cabinets are only 30", so we plan on replacing them with 42" cabinets to take advantage of the vertical space that is currently being wasted. And if you're a regular reader of this column, you won't be surprised to learn that we've chosen white painted birch cabinets with Shaker doors.

Countertops: The black laminate is neither attractive nor functional. If budget were not a factor, we would replace the counters with white Carrara marble, but alas that would cost us nearly $500, versus the $180 slab of 2-cm granite that we settled on. When you're trying to keep your budget as low as possible, compromise and concessions are reality.

Stainless Steel Backsplash: I know I have featured stainless-steel backsplashes as a current kitchen trend right here in this column, but I have to amend my recommendation: Only use stainless steel as a backsplash in a low-impact area of your kitchen. Maybe I'm just a super messy cook, but the stainless acts as a magnet for grease and grime, and I need something that is the backsplash equivalent of a Teflon pan: subway tile.

Red Walls: My fiancé says the red walls were one of the reasons he bought the house, but even he has come to admit that they're just not working, especially with the new cabinets and countertop. We're seeking a more sophisticated palette and plan on painting the walls a charcoal-ish navy.

Too see more of what we're saying farewell to, check out the http://www.feaststl.com/collection_ca5e8a54-a12e-11e0-8186-001a4bcf6878.html" target="_blank">before pics here.

More to Come!

Stay tuned for the whole story of my kitchen remodel. Next week: my sources of inspiration!