With permission from Pantone, the worldwide authority on color, British design company Whitebread Wilkinson has created a line of products sporting the likeness of a classic Pantone color chip, complete with the accurate hue and reference number.

From Process Blue C to Light Pink 230C, the pictured set of 10 mugs features the original primary Pantone colors. The variety allows you to introduce a spectrum of colors into your kitchen, but the simple design keeps the multi-colored concept from becoming too busy.

I can't decide if I'd rather keep the whole set for myself and create a bright display on my open shelving, or break up the set and give as gifts with locally-roasted coffee beans or other treats. Probably the former. I can see myself now, sipping my Sumatra out of 376 C. That's a nice chartreuse in Pantone-speak.

Whitbread Wilkinson's Pantone Mugs, $128 for a set of 10; aplusrstore.com