I have a dessert stomach. When my main-meal stomach is full, there seems to be an entirely different compartment set aside to make sure the meal ends on a sweet note (just ask my husband). Therefore dessert is never a matter of “if” for me but a question of “when?” Do I order dessert right after dinner? Do I grab something sweet on the way home? Or, on that wonderful rule-breaking occasion, do I order dessert first?

I think the pleasure of dessert first is why brunch was created – to mix things up a bit. Perhaps the most indulgent of meals – and for me, the most fun – brunch combines sweet and savory effortlessly, as so perfectly demonstrated by the sweet beignets at Brasserie in the Central West End. Served with housemade fresh cheese and just-sweet-enough dried plum compote, the pillowy bites of dough are the perfect sweet note to ease you out of the morning and into the rest of the day.

Brasserie, 4580 Laclede Ave., Central West End, 314.454.0600, brasseriebyniche.com

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