OUT TO LUNCH: Tacos Andrew Can't Say "No" to at Gringo

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If I could be bothered to take the time, I’m positive that I could make a list of things so appealing to me that I’d be hard pressed to say “no” to partaking in them. Undoubtedly this list would be filled with things like last-minute Cardinals tickets, trips to the zoo with my son, riding shotgun with the late Joie Chitwood, Texas barbecue and tacos. Of all the things I listed, my assumption is that at least tacos would be on your list, as would riding along with Joie Chitwood, had you ever seen him drive a car around a track on two wheels. But I digress.

As we have established that I will go for tacos at the drop of a sombrero, it was a no-brainer to check out the recently opened Gringo, a gussied-up taco shack in the Central West End where lunch-goers tuck into all manner of tacos – 13 different varieties to be exact – in a space that is bright and airy, and where our recent spat of unseasonably-agreeable July weather has made the outdoor seating along Euclid and McPherson avenues as appealing as the cozy interior.

The size of Gringo’s taco menu – and the size of each taco – makes it challenging to try more than two or three in a sitting, but there are a few highlights that should be considered for first timers. Carnitas are a confit of pork reminiscent of a succulent, fatty pulled pork that pairs well with the acidic punch of pickled red onions. Fish tacos feature a massive section of flaky white fish ensconced in a coating that is deep fried and topped with fresh and spicy crema.

Fans of a good old-fashioned taco night will appreciate the familiarity of a crispy tortilla filled with ground beef, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Adventurous eaters might go for the chapulines, a taco topped with crunchy, slightly smoky grasshoppers. In all honestly, the protein-rich insects are more about texture, mouthfeel and possibly making your dining companion squirm versus being the cornerstone of your meal; but they are worth trying. I actually found myself scooping them off their bed of creamy avocado with a fork to take them down, as the curious combination seemed a bit much for a taco; if I’m going to eat grasshoppers, I’m just going to eat grasshoppers. Perhaps Gringo would consider dropping them as a taco filling and opt for topping their nachos with them; that seems like another idea that I’d have a hard time saying "no" to as well.

Gringo, 398 N. Euclid Ave., Central West End, 314.449.1212, gringo-stl.com

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