2012 FEAST 50: 7. Sump Coffee

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July 30, 2012 8:23 pm

Sump Coffee is sheer brilliance. If they gave Michelin stars for coffee, this guy would have three stars without a doubt. The dude brings coffee tasting up to a whole new level for the city of St. Louis, and he’s expanded so many of our palates and our expectations for what coffee is and is supposed to be.

– Eric Scholle, general manager, Farmhaus Restaurant

Scott Carey from Sump has inspired me to look at coffee in a different light. I don’t drink beer; I taste beer. I don’t drink wine; I taste wine. But I have always just drunk coffee. That has all changed. I really appreciate the coffee conversations at Sump. Geeking out over the terroir of the bean (one of my favorite subjects to talk about), talking about what roast does to flavor, what makes espresso “espresso or not espresso.” I now taste coffee.

– Kevin Lemp, president and co-owner, 4 Hands Brewing Co.

South City Sump, 3700 S. Jefferson Ave., South City, sumpcoffee.com

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