2012 FEAST 50: Neighborhood Snapshot: 15. Corner of Euclid & McPherson

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July 30, 2012 8:36 pm

The corner of Euclid and McPherson has it all, including my vote for the best restaurant neighborhood in St. Louis. Dressel’s Pub and Llywelyn’s are places that I love and should be noted for their contributions to the ’hood. Herbie’s is where my heart is! For drinks and dinner, it’s the place for me. The history there is wonderful, and the food is fabulous. Jeff Orbin and Aaron Teitelbaum know how to make you feel special and very welcomed, which is such a talent and the most important ingredient in a great restaurant. Of course, variety is what makes life great, so on some days I go to Pi Pizza, where I order a pizza with any number of terrific toppings and a BLT salad. And if there are leftovers, all the better for an evening snack. Pi, hot or cold, is the best in town! I love the salads at Duff’s for lunch. However, if I’m looking for a more substantial lunch, I go next door and order the Brisket a Basket from Kopperman’s Deli with a side of country potato salad. The overstuffed sandwich really hits the spot, and Dan, my server, is always a delight with his dry wit. This neighborhood is also blessed to have Vino Gallery, which is a great place to pick up a wonderful bottle of wine on my way home or five cases to serve at a gallery opening. The combination of eateries and shopping against a beautiful and historic backdrop makes the corner of Euclid and McPherson hard to beat!

– Philip Slein, owner, Philip Slein Gallery

Dressel’s is the most underrated place in town. Seriously, someone needs to shine a light on these guys!

– Brian Hardesty, Guerrilla Street Food

Aaron Teitelbaum, the executive chef and owner at Herbie’s, always treats us very well, and the food has never disappointed. He and Jeff Orbin go with the flow and make it happen.

– David Johnson, president, Coolfire Media

If I ever moved away, I would miss the smoked-trout pancake at Herbie’s.

– John Sears, owner, West End Wines

Duff’s was the very first restaurant I went to in the Central West End when I was a teenager in the ’70s. That first night there I met artists, writers, photographers and poets, and after that, the Central West End was where I wanted to be. I’ve been living in the CWE practically ever since. And Duff’s is still my favorite neighborhood restaurant. I love chef Jimmy Voss, who has worked there since he was a teenager. He knows I like to eat vegetarian most of the time and always has good suggestions and will even substitute to make a dish vegetarian. I love his stories about going on the road to cook for the Grateful Dead. Duff’s has always been generous in donating to the nonprofits where I’ve worked and in letting us hold meetings there. It truly has a familylike vibe going on. I fell in love with the French tomato soup the first time I ever had it there – and adding Duff’s cornbread to it is like putting the icing on the cake. When Jimmy came up with the vegetarian pot pie using Match and fall vegetables, I thought I had died and gone to heaven – comfort food at its best!

– Karen Klaus, Operation Food Search

Shelly and I ate supper at Duff’s each night (two years apart) before Isaac and Clara were born.

– Jonathan Parker, owner, Parker’s Table

Duff’s Black and Blue burger speaks for itself. It’s divine and always perfectly cooked.

– Kandace Davis, Cha Cha Chow and The Summer Truck

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