La Morena Mexican Grocery Store

2012-07-01T09:00:00Z La Morena Mexican Grocery StoreWritten by Andrew Mark Veety | Photography by Jonathan Gayman Feast Magazine | Inspired Local Food Culture/Midwest

Even locals tend to drive past La Morena Mexican Grocery Store, which is tucked away behind a strip of storefronts facing Manchester Road. This small grocery is a hidden West County gem for kitchen staples, breads and simply presented, delicious Mexican fare.

Tacos al pastor – lightly grilled corn tortillas filled with marinated chunks of pork and pineapple – stand out, with acid from sweet-and-tart tropical fruit cutting through savory pork. Pair these tacos with a bottle of Boing! soda. It’s noncarbonated yet naturally effervescent from the fruit pulp that is suspended within the beverage.

La Morena’s tasty approach to preparing pork makes another appearance in tamales, where the meat is braised, shredded and then stuffed inside balls of masa. Served in the corn husks they were steamed in, these tamales are sweet, savory and tailor-made for a healthy application of salsa verde – an addictive combination of tomatillo, chile, onion and a liberal amount of lime – found in squeeze bottles on each table.

La Morena Mexican Grocery Store, 14234 Manchester Road, Manchester, 636.527.8682

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